Violations- Who to Call - City of La Porte

Requirements for Maintaining a Great Neighborhood

This is being provided to our members by the Fairmont Park Homes Association, Inc. (FPHA) and is intended to point out the most commonly violated City of La Porte Ordinances and FPHA Deed Restrictions. Please review the following information and do your part to help make Fairmont Park a community that we can be proud to call home. 

No Vehicles of Any Kind on Lawns. No vehicles of any kind are permitted on the lawn at any time for any reason (per FPHA resolution regarding parking). Lawns are not for parking at any time.  This includes partial 2 tires hanging off the driveway, washing vehicles, trailers, boats, campers, etc.  To report violations, please call:  City of La Porte 281-471-5020.

Inoperable vehicles must not be visible (i.e. they must be in a garage, etc.) Inoperable vehicles cannot be covered with a tarp, left on blocks etc. in the drive or street.  All vehicles must have a current registration, inspection tags, and plates. To Report Violations call:  City of La Porte 281-470-5020.  To report inoperable vehicle violations on the Street, please call La Porte Police Dept. 281-471-2141.

No Commercial Vehicles. Commercial vehicles may not be parked on the street overnight. To report violations, please call:  La Porte Police Dept. 281-471-2141

Regular City Trash Pickup - Zone 5 (Fairmont Park) Trash is picked up on Monday and Thursday Morning.  If a holiday falls on a scheduled collection day, the garbage pickup will be deferred until the next scheduled collection day.   (PLEASE DO NOT PUT OUT TRASH ON A HOLIDAY) Trash may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 AM or later than 7 AM the morning of trash pickup.  Please DO NOT put trash out any earlier.

If you are leaving town on Friday, please make arrangements accordingly or wait for the next trash pickup.  All trash must be placed in plastic garbage bags (Bags are provided by the city for your convenience).   The city may NOT pick up trash placed in Garbage Cans.  Using disposable bags prevents Fairmont from being cluttered with trash cans sitting at the curb for days.  To Report violations, please call:  Public Works Department / City of La Porte 281-471-9650

City Heavy Trash Pickup Heavy trash pickup dates are posted on event calendars provided by the City of La Porte and are available on the city's website:  Trash shall be placed for collection no later than 7:00 a.m. on the first scheduled collection day and no earlier than 7:00 a.m., five days prior to the first scheduled collection day.

To keep a neat neighborhood, please keep all debris out of sight, (not visible from the street) until the day before pickup if possible. No commercial trash/debris is permitted to be put out as residential heavy trash. To Report violations, please call:  Public Works Department / City of La Porte 281-471-9650

Stagnant Pools-Ponds Stagnant/Green water pools and ponds are dangerous and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and disease.  All pools must be in working condition.  The City has software that can view your property from above and citations will be written. Unused pop-up/ blow-up pools must be dismantled. In-ground and above-ground pools not in use must be decked or properly covered.  ANY pool that is 18+ inches deep must have a city permit, have a latched gate fence and may be subjected to inspection. To Report violations, please call: City of La Porte 281-470-5020

Signs No Signs are permitted on City Property.  This includes city parks, street esplanades, and property between the street and your sidewalk.  This prohibition includes political signs, business advertisement, garage sales etc.  There is some tolerance for events, lost pets, garage sales, etc. occurring the following weekend only. These signs may be put out NO EARLIER than Thursday Evening and must be picked up Sunday Night. There is no guarantee they will not be picked up sooner.  Repeat offenders signs WILL NOT be tolerated and a citation may be given. To report violations, please call:  City of La Porte 281-470-5020. Only real estate signs (for sale/rent), school spirit, and political signs are permitted on home lawns for a limited time. 

City of La Porte Building Permits and FPHA Architectural Committee Approval  City of La Porte Building Permits are required for almost everything except painting. This includes roof replacements, additions, porches, awnings,  pools of all kinds w/18 inches or more of water, electrical, sewer, plumbing modifications, sheds, slabs, tiki huts, fences, patio covers, etc. Building Permits can be obtained at City of La Porte Planning Dept.  604 W. Fairmont Pkwy La Porte, TX. If you have questions or to report violations, please call City of La Porte 281-470-5020.  FPHA Architectural Committee approval is required for an improvement of any character or the erection thereof or change made in the exterior design thereof on any property, until complete plans and specifications have been submitted to, and approved in writing by FPHA. For answers to FPHA architectural questions or to report deed restriction violations, please call our Deed Enforcement Officer, Linda Poye @ 281-471-5819. 

Boats / Trailers / Campers / BBQ Pits, etc. 
 No boats, trailers, house-trailers, trucks, or junk of any kind or character, or any accessories, parts or objects to be used therewith, shall be kept, repaired, or work done thereon, on any lot nearer to the front or side street than the front or side setback lines for the house or residence.  All boats, trailers, campers, BBQ Pits etc. must be stored back behind the front or side setback line of the house and behind a fence.  To report violations, please call:  FPHA Deed Enforcement Officer, 281-471-5819.  According to the La Porte Police Department, "It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly leave, stand or park a trailer, semi-trailer, or truck tractor, pole trailer, ranch trailer, boat, house trailer, utility trailer or truck tractor either attached or unattached to a motor vehicle, in any public street, alley, unimproved right-of-way, or other public place in the city for a period of time in excess of four hours, or during any nighttime hours. The intent of this ordinance is to keep our streets free of the bulky trailers, and leave unattended on our streets". To report violations, please call La Porte Police Dept. 281-471-2141.

Lawn Maintenance Your lawn must be kept mowed, edged, and trimmed. Flower beds are to be kept free of weeds and shrubs and trees must be kept trimmed.  Any vacant homes with grass longer that one foot will be mowed by the city at the cost of the property owner.  This includes foreclosed and/or abandoned homes.  To report violations, please call:  City of La Porte 281-470-5020.

Also please have your street address number visible for your safety. Emergency Responders need to be able to find your address both day and night.  Make sure your address is visible


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