Fairmont Park Homes Association (Central)  La Porte, Texas


Our most heart felt "THANK YOU" to the City of La Porte 
for entering a joint venture with FPHA to make our neighborhood park a great place to visit.

Below are some helpful community related resources. 

City of La Porte Link


Heavy Trash - Garbage Pickup Schedule - 

Our subdivision is "Section 5" on the city map.  Please do not put out heavy trash prior to 5 days before pickup - heavy trash is picked up every two weeks.  Please do your part, as a good neighbor, to keep trash off the curb for prolonged periods.

Do not put out your other trash (garbage) earlier than the morning of scheduled pickup which is Monday and Thursday in Fairmont Park.  The use of trash cans are discouraged, and only used to hold bagged trash. No loose trash should be stored in cans. Trash is not picked up on Federal or City or La Porte designated Holidays

Fairmont Pool

Owned by the city of La Porte.  Check the City website for pool information.


Splash Pad
Owned by the city of La Porte.  Check the City website for information.

Other Pools

City Pools Information Link

 La Porte Independent School District Link

City of La Porte Code Enforcement - Building Permits

If you have a complaint about inoperable cars, trailers parked in the street, large trucks, animals, weed control, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at the City of La Porte. If you are planning construction, you must obtain a building permit from the City of La Porte.  Please submit - at the same time - a building request from the Fairmont Park Homes Association to avoid unnecessary delays. 


Fairmont Park Homes Association 
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