​​City of La Porte defines heavy trash different from household garbage.  Heavy trash includes:

  • Any items not classified as household garbage
  • Brush and yard wastes
  • Building Debris
  • Discarded Appliances
  • Tires

These items are not to be placed in front of your residence earlier than five (5) days prior to collection date.  
You may visit the City website at laportetx.gov/416/Heavy-Trash-Collection

The documents below have been provided by the City of La Porte for 2018

Fairmont Park Homes Association is working with the City of La Porte to insure that the guidelines the City has set forth are enforced.  Please help by referring to the guidelines and pick-up dates provided by the city when putting heavy trash in front of your home for collection.  If you have questions or need to report a violation, please contact us at fphadrmanager@gmail.com.  

City of La Porte Heavy Trash Schedule Zone 5 2018

Residential Garbage Collection

The following sites are places where you can take your heavy trash:

Greenbelt Landfill
550 Old Genoa Red Bluff Road

Green Shadow Landfill
1089 Jane Lane

Waste Management Pasadena
3520 Pansy Street

City of La Porte Brush and Heavy Trash Information

Fairmont Park Homes Association (Central)  La Porte, Texas