Fairmont Park Homes Association (Central)  La Porte, Texas

Architectural Approval

Before You Build-Remodel on Your Lot
If your are planning on changing the exterior look of your house, adding a building, edition, swimming pool, sidewalk, driveway or other constructed amenity on your lot you must first obtain architectural approval by the Fairmont Park Homes Association Architectural Committee, and then the full board.  This process can take up to a month to approve or reject.  To expedite the approval process, please present drawings and location data on the project on the appropriate form.  

Before You Paint

Paint colors must be "neutral tones" according to the FPHA Guidelines  (see guidelines on Maintenance Restrictions Page) and must be approved by the FPHA before painting.

Maintenance - Replacements
You do not need approval to replace a fence, driveway, sidewalk as long as it is in the same place and is the same architecture as the original design.  If you have any doubt, please contact our Deed Enforcement Officer, Linda Poye  @ 281-471-5819 or email at fphadrmanager@gmail.com.  Failure to gain approval of the Architectural committee could result in court ordered removal or costly redesign.

Building Set Back Lines
Each lot has set-back lines (building exclusion zones)  contained in your deed, which restricts where and what you may build on your lot.  These restrictions may be waived by the committee with a signed and approved agreement between the FPHA Architectural Committee and the lot owner. 

Utility Easements
You may also have utility easements on your lot.  These will restrict where, for instance, you can place a pool or storage building.  Normally these are taken into account in the set backs, but it is best that you check with your utility company for the location of easements (including air easement for overhead power lines) and utility lines. Homes in Fairmont Park generally have buried natural gas lines, water and sewer lines and possibly buried phone and cable utility lines.  There are also restrictions on curb cuts for driveway access to the front, rear and side lots that vary from street to street.  

City Building Permits 

If you are committing to a construction project, you must inform the City of La Porte and obtain a City Building Permit .  You can access the City Code and Enforcement Division by clicking on the Resources Page on the left side of this page. 

City Permit Approval Does Not Imply FPHA Approval 
Please note that the issuance of a City of La Porte building permit does NOT imply FPHA approval, which is separate. FPHA approval does not in anyway imply engineering approval.  The purpose of the FPHA  is restricted primarily to the aesthetic look of the improvement, as well as compliance with setback and other deed restrictions, such as size, height, orientation  or replacement to keep in context with the neighborhood.  FPHA approval in no way implies approval or judgement of any kind on the structural integrity of the project. 

Getting Started
Download the approval form by clicking on the link below then have a discussion of your project with our Deed Enforcement Officer, Linda Poye @ 281-471-5819..  Please understand that the position of Deed Enforcement Officer, and other staff are part time jobs, so please allow 24 hours for a return call.  You may also contact us using the contact form contained in this website.